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Always strive to make the best use of the latest technologies. That is why, we have been successful in building unique and feature-rich apps.


We built a ready made mobile platform to render the global 1.75 billion smart phone user base a hassle free connectivity to online ecommerce marketplaces and stores. To spice up the shopping experience we had incorporated smart options like voice search, product sharing in social networks, wish list, favorite categories, etc.

GEO Location

Applying geo location technology to hospitality, ecommerce and a number of other industries we have created apps in iOS, Android and Windows 8 platforms that help in solving business requirements like improving customer retention, providing personalized shopping experiences and in meeting unique demands like detecting accident prone zones.

Messaging / Chatting

Enabling seamless transfer of multimedia contents between millions of users, managing user database, saving and archiving chat logs are the challenges we've overcome while delivering enterprise apps and social chat messengers. JNA (Java Native Access) coding, using NO SQL Database, Ejabbered server are the technical aspects which helped us to churn apps that are used by millions.

Video Streaming

Putting HTML 5 to the best of its use we managed to render solutions that solve complex requirements of online television channels, video sharing websites and eCommerce businesses. The seamless video transmission on mobile devices, especially uninterrupted live streaming helped over 1000s of businesses to reach out to their mobile audience.


Leveraging a development idea to maximum benefit is what we aimed for and we repeatedly achieve it by developing hybrid apps. Deploying HTML, CSS and framework like Phonegap the apps we create are able to be cross utilized across various development platforms like iOS, Android thus minimizing the need for a business owner to shell out more capital and the need for platform-specific development teams.

Enterprise Mobility

For helping out enterprises to analyze business metrics, improve network security, drive employee engagement, manage sales and stock we have developed applications in iOS and Android using smart technologies like augmented reality and push notifications. Managing these apps on cloud gives our clients an additional edge over their competitors.

BLE 4.0

Using Bluetooth 4.0 we met the demands of coming up with apps that are stronger in connectivity and less power consuming, especially while trying out app solutions that blend with wearable devices. The low energy and device pairing concept of Bluetooth 4.0 catalyzed our innovations in wearable technology-based apps which were developed for rendering instant emergency help and customer servicing.

M wallet

An integrated Mobile payment solutions for all business types. Accept credit and debit cards, e wallets, bitcoins, cash,electronic payment with ePaisa.

M commerce

M-Commerce can be defined as the buying and selling of goods on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Mobile Commerce can include: Mobile retail on apps like Amazon and other traditional B2C eCommerce sites. Mobile payments, or apps that provide mobile POS systems and other payment solutions.


Build & design a mobile app using Xamarin's cross-platform development software which simplifies mobile application creation.


A native mobile app is a smartphone application that is coded in a specific programming language, such as Objective C for iOS and Java for Android operating systems. Native mobile apps provide fast performance and a high degree of reliability.